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The FamJa​m

BenBen's Family & Friends!


FAVOURITE THINGS: Benanigans / Pooping in CatDad's shoe / Cheese / Norman / Special Needs Animal Ambassador

THE STORY: My family saved me from death row at the SPCA! I have medical conditions that will require life-long meds and was told I'll probably never walk again.

Norman (aka: Neeman)

FAVOURITE THINGS: Playing Hide & Seek wif my Boogers / Benanigans / Cuddling with CatMom / Buffets

MY STORY: I have Cerebeller Hypoplasia (CH) which means my brain was underdeveloped at Birth. CH makes me a bit wobbly, but then I can dance to the beat of my own drum! 

My best friend is BenBen. I love my family. I'm a good boy who does good boy things!


FAVOURITE THINGS: Spreading Awareness of Animal Welfare / Cats / Sewing / Motorcycles 

MY STORY: I'm educated, certified, and experienced in the animal welfare field. I love cats, and my favourite hooman is CatDad


FAVOURITE THINGS: Spreading Awareness of Animal Welfare / Cats / Detailing Cars / hashtags

MY STORY: I wasn't even a cat person until I met CatMom. You can see why she's my favourite hooman.


FAVOURITE THINGS: CatMom / Treats / CatMom / Escaping / More CatMom

MY STORY: CatMom and I have been together over a decade and she's my very best friend. Since we met, we've travelled around the Country and seen our family grow with more siblings! I love them all...even though I'm pretty sure Norman is lava. 

Ms. Moe

FAVOURITE THINGS: Playing Hide & Seek (I'm real good at hiding) / Treats / Cuddles on my Terms

MY STORY: CatMom fell in love with me! CatMom & CatDad only had Jerry at the time and thought ‘Hey Everyone wants a kitten, Kitten’s get adopted so quickly. Let’s rescue an adult cat, one that may have difficulties or special needs.’ I'm a little shy, but my parents don't hold it against me and give me my space!

Dilly (Delilah)

FAVOURITE THINGS: Feathered Toys / Walking / Cuddling with CatDad

MY STORY: CatMom and CatDad adopted me when I was only five weeks old. Like Norman, I have Cerebral Hypoplasia too - which means I also wobble. As I get older, I'm getting stronger and a bit more control over my body. I'm grateful for my family and for all the people in the world who have cheered me on and given me support! 

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